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You Have a Friend in Me free essay sample

Everybody has companions however every companion is unique. You have your companions with families, the â€Å"let’s go out each night† companions, and to wrap things up, your long far off companions. Truly they are generally companions yet every one carries on with an alternate way of life and has their own extraordinary character. They remain as a cherished memory to you through various challenges. Companions are adoring, mindful, faithful, and fair. Friend’s seal your most profound darkest mystery with a â€Å"pinky swear† and an embrace. Which kind of companion right? Companions with families comprehend the pressure and â€Å"no additional time right now† circumstance, since they likewise have their hands full as well. Some are housewives, and some work all day while their kids are in school or childcare. What's more, there are a rare sorts of people who shuffle both work and school during the day. There are companions who are separated, bringing up youngsters as single parents. We will compose a custom article test on You Have a Friend in Me or then again any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page The companions with families are generally solid hearted, can take on the world, yet love to loosen up after the children hit the sack to make a call, stare at the TV, and appreciate at long last having a grown-up discussion. These treats come in the wake of a monotonous day pursuing youngsters around, going to after school exercises, and vanquishing the feared schoolwork assignments sent home by the kid’s educators. They are there to assist with keeping an eye on you need them. Likewise, they are generally experiencing similar issues with having more seasoned guardians, little youngsters, work issues, and bills. They can give backing, and you can exchange thoughts with them about how to approach and take care of issues since they may have similar issues. Presently let’s take a gander at the companions who need to go out constantly. They discover motivation to go out for a mixed drink and possibly hors d'oeuvres pretty much each night of the week and on ends of the week. Two dollar Tuesday†, â€Å"Thirsty Thursday†, and in light of the fact that they need to go have a drink and unwind. These are the pleasant companions that you call when you are having an awful day, lounging around exhausted, or simply need to loosen up. You realize they are just a call away and all set out when they answer their telephone. They are the fun, energetic, and lighthearted, kind of companion. They are prepared to tune in and talk about any issues that are going on in your life and theirs. They will stay up with the latest on all the nearby tattle. Since they are out constantly, they will positively realize who is doing what with whom, when, where, and how. They will consistently have your back and come running at your coax call. These companions are engaging and amusing to be near, yet ordinarily these companions don't have the degree of feeling and responsibility that you have with companions with families. Last, however not least, you have your significant distance companions. These companions remain in contact through email, Facebook, Skype, other interpersonal organizations, school reunions, and an intermittent late night call. You may not talk consistently, yet you despite everything stay up with the latest on occasions that have occurred in your life. The primary concern of contact is for the most part through informal organizations. Some news might be unfortunate and tragic, however most news got is happy like commitment, pregnancy, and moving for a new position offer. At the point when you do talk with them on the telephone it is consistently for an extensive stretch of time to make up for lost time with the sum total of what that has been going on in your life. Regardless, they are still companions despite the fact that the separation shields you from seeing each other as regularly as you might want. They have the upside of sharing some prior occasions throughout your life, for example, going to class in years sooner or growing up together when you both were children and afterward moving endlessly. This includes sharing occasions in your lives that the other two gatherings may not be a piece of, and may not comprehend or appreciate. This kind of companionship implies you are not in contact with the individual continually yet rather here and there â€Å"catching up. † You are old buddies on account of the common recollections and past occasions in your lives. All things considered, your actual companions are forever, regardless of whether close or far. You have various sorts of companions whether settled down with a spouse and youngsters, single parents, single prepared to blend, and long far off companions. They will consistently be your companions as long as they are straightforward, faithful, and mindful. Companions are always until the end of time. Likewise, alluded to as â€Å"tombstone mates. † They remain as a cherished memory to you. You find that you have numerous companions, however select ones are your actual dear companions.

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Staff Motivation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Staff Motivation - Essay Example The association and the group’s essential goal is to assist representatives with changing towards a superior profession and to assist people with their ability. The gathering likewise plans to target associations through better ability chasing and the board programs. The current issue with the gathering is that outplacement has gotten to a greater degree an item because of which cost in the business is being cut and the gathering is losing business to its friends in the following savage rivalry. With a few players in the market, edges have diminished altogether and along these lines the administration contributions by the gathering are not winning enough incomes for the association. The essential point of the association is presently to procure a critical income stream that will help support its offer cost. The organization has set up a benchmark to improve its offer costs from 31.5p as of now to ?2 later on. With this point, the administration should gain around ?20 million i n incomes and around ?4 million in benefit. The administration is likewise of the view that regardless of the condition of the economy, the business is all around set and consequently can procure this surge of incomes. The paper means to assess the different choices that the administration has alongside building up a hypothetical system that will help in choosing the game plan that the administration ought to embrace so as to support its income stream. A demonstrative just as change model will likewise be introduced that will help the association towards improved incomes. Writing Review Human asset the board is one of the key help works inside an association and helps influence the organization’s execution through the utilization of HR. A portion of the key territories inside the domains of human asset the executives incorporate recruiting, advancements, evaluations, preparing, arrangement and ability the board, alongside instructing and outplacement of representatives. Human asset the board is currently basically incorporated with authoritative learning just as vital administration making it one of key fields that associations should concentrate on for better outcomes. The key human asset issues that are a piece of today’s economy incorporate globalization where decent variety has different extents and a range that is hard to characterize. (Papalexandrisa, 1996; Boxall, 1996; Garavan, Costine and Heraty, 1995; Garavan, Heraty and Barnicle, 1999; Becker and Huselid, 1999; Stewart, Marhine and Hall, 1999; Stewart, 1996; Garavan, 1991; Gilley and Eggland, 1992) Other issues incorporate issues with finding the correct ability as for the expected set of responsibilities and the formation of different occupations with depictions that are hard to top off because of their specialized nature. Maintenance is likewise one of the key regions where human asset the executives is significant and where associations should be centered around. Holding representat ives is one of the less expensive options in contrast to recruiting another asset where employing takes extended periods and assets to really satisfy. One of key courses through which human asset the board consultancies help incorporates helping locate the correct assets towards the occupations that should be filled by associations, alongside aiding in preparing these representatives, furnishing them with the instruments and procedures on completing the work

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Essay

Decent variety is tied in with esteeming singular distinction, it very well may be noticeable and non-obvious. Perceiving everybody is special and has singular contrasts, for example, * Race * Gender * Age * Sex * Ethnicity * Religious convictions * Sexual direction * physical convictions/characteristics * political convictions * instructive foundation * salary * appearance see more:identify obstructions to youngsters and youthful people’s investment In a working environment condition it is essential to help people’s singular contrasts and to grasp on decent variety with every person. Assorted variety implies something other than recognizing or enduring contrasts it’s about regarding them and understanding that we are for the most part extraordinary from multiple points of view. There are seven fundamental types of separation being: Direct segregation happens when somebody is dealt with less well than someone else in view of an ensured trademark. Aberrant segregation happens when an apparently unbiased arrangement, standard or practice that applies to everybody puts a gathering who share a trademark for example sort of inability at a specific disservice. Cooperative separation happens when somebody victimizes somebody since they partner with someone else who has an ensured trademark. Segregation by recognition happens when somebody oppresses an individual since they think they have a specific ensured trademark. Double separation happens when somebody is less well in view of a mix of two secured qualities. This implies a candidate will be able to guarantee that they have been dealt with less well on account of their race as well as their sexual orientation. Impairment emerging from an inability emerges when you treat an individual with an incapacity negatively in view of something associated with their handicap. This kind of separation is unlawful where the business or other individual representing boss knows, or could sensibly expected to know, that the individual had a handicap. Exploitation happens when a business is dealt with negatively, distraught or exposed to an impediment since they have submitted or upheld a question of separation or raised a complaint under the equity demonstration, this arrangement or the provocation, tormenting and segregation approach or in light of the fact that they associated with doing as such. Outsider badgering happens when a worker is annoyed by somebody who doesn't work for the utilizing association, for example, a client, guest, customer, temporary worker from another association. They manager will turn out to be lawfully capable if the business realizes the representative has been irritated on at least two events and neglects to find a way to secure the worker. Uniformity Uniformity is the present term for â€Å"equal opportunities†. In October 2010 it was placed in act to shield individuals from segregation. Uniformity isn't tied in with treating everybody similarly, it’s about perceiving that there need s are met in various manners. We should intend to perceive, esteem and oversee contrast to empower all individuals contribute and understand their maximum capacity. Incorporation Incorporation is tied in with permitting everybody to participate in bunch exercises in spite of their disparities. It’s about advancing fairness of chances for all and urges everybody to be dealt with reasonably and esteemed similarly.

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University of Florida Admissions The SAT, ACT Scores and GPA You Need to Get In

Do you love Gatorade, dance marathons, and natural history? If so, the University of Florida might be the right place for you. But even if those arent your things, you can probably still find your tribe at UF. One of the largest single-campus universities in the United States (were talking 50,000+ students†¦bigger than many of our hometowns!), University of Florida has lots to offer, from top research facilities to lively Greek life. Heres what you need to know about University of Florida admissions, including how to get into University of Florida, University of Florida SAT scores, University of Florida ACT scores, and much more! Before we take a deep dive, heres an overview of University of Floridas stats. University of Florida at a Glance University of Florida Average SAT Scores (middle 50%)1330-160. The admissions office hasnt provided a more detailed breakdown, but we can take a look at last years info to get a better sense of these numbers. Math620-690 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing620-710 Those are pretty high scores. Another thing to keep in mind with University of Florida SAT scores is that the school does have minimum required scores for admission. The University of Florida SAT score minimums are: Reading: 2,000 spots (there are actually 6,500 seats in the freshman class, but some will turn down the admissions offer). This means that University of Floridas acceptance rate in 2019 was around 33%. University of Florida GPA Average The University of Florida GPA middle 50% range for students admitted to the class of 2023 was 60. The average University of Florida ACT scores were 29-33. But is that all it takes to make a University of Florida student? Definitely not! The University of Florida admissions department states that in addition to academics, they also looked for students who displayed a commitment to service, creativity, and progress. Remember that admissions officers look at your profile holistically, so polish your application in all areas before sending it off! FAQ Does University of Florida have a wait list? It does not. The best thing to do if you dont get in is to reapply as a transfer—the school accepts transfer students for fall, spring, and summer semesters, so you may have a chance sooner than you think! I dont like [sports, Greek life, big schools]. Is University of Florida right for me? Remember that there are more than 50,000 students at UF! Prefer writing for the newspaper to hitting the gym? Youll be in good company. Want to discuss music instead of joining a sorority? Youll find plenty of students to join you. That said, if youre looking for a small school, you wont get around the fact that the University of Florida is enormous and there may be better options out there for you. Whats this PaCE thing? As you can imagine, its hard to make room for 50,000 students. One way that the University of Florida has accommodated so many people is by opening up the PaCE program, which allows students to take both online and campus-based classes. This allows them to have more flexible locations and more class flexibility. It also lets the University of Florida admissions office offer 2,200+ more students places. How to Get Into University of Florida University of Florida admissions are competitive, no doubt about it. Still, the many benefits of the university make this a top choice for a lot of students (that sun probably doesnt hurt, either)! What should you do if the University of Florida is your dream school? How to get into University of Florida? Make sure your test scores are within the University of Florida SAT scores range or the University of Florida ACT scores range, submit the best application you can, and start picking out your favorite Gatorade flavor. Good luck!

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Risk Analysis Development Of Risk Analytics - 1873 Words

Development of Risk Analytics in the future 14 Thursday, Apr 2016, posted by Danni Guo (Team N) Risk analysis has played an increasingly important role in both academic and business worlds. In the previous three blogs, we have discussed the definition and significance of risk analysis, the organizations and users who benefit from risk analysis, and the cutting edge technologies and limitations of risk management. In this blog, we ll look forward to the future of risk analysis to explore both its advanced application and upcoming challenges. THE DEVELOPMENT PHASES OF RISK ANALYTICS †¢ Risk Identification and Evaluation Phase (1995 – 2000)[1] The field of risk analytics originated from around 1995. And in this first phase, the goal of risk analytics was to identify and evaluate the risk. It focused on three problems. What risks have happened? When did they happen? What was the negative effect of them? Due to lack of advanced and complex techniques, people just can identify the risk after it happens and make risk analysis according to the negative results using simple data visualization and data mining knowledge. The risk analysis in this phase has three main parts: 1. Risk identification: Identify the risk which has happened and definite it 2. Loss Analysis: Analyze the loss of the victims due to this risk 3. Risk Alerts: Alert people to avoid the risk †¢ Risk Causal Analysis and Modeling Phase (2001- 2010) [1] With the development of computer science and data miningShow MoreRelatedThe Three Levels Of Analytics, Descriptive, Predictive, And Prescriptive1707 Words   |  7 Pageslevels of Analytics (Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive). Give a brief example of how they might be used to solve business decisions. Descriptive: Descriptive Analytics, probably the most common type of analytics, is the process of describing and evaluating the historical data and recognizing patterns from samples. It serves as a foundation for more advanced analytics. An example of Descriptive Analytics would be discovering and reporting trends. Predictive: Predictive analytics uses dataRead MoreStrategic Decision Making For Nigerian Companies763 Words   |  4 Pageson the incentives that stimulates me to pursue further studying and reflect the motives for my choice of an institute, scholarship as well as state my future career objectives. I have chosen to work in the area of Quantitative Economics, Data Analytics Risk Assurance, because it has such a demand for new ideas and perspectives. At the same time, it requires a good mathematical background with obvious implications in real life. A research into the main causes of poverty and its reduction among educatedRead MorePlanning, Scheduling, Budgeting, and Risk Management for Desire2Learn Learning Management System1154 Words   |  5 PagesPlanning, Scheduling, Budgeting and Risk Management for the Desire2Learn (D2L) Learning Management System Overview Translating the many project requirements, risks and costs into a single cohesive platform to manage the implementation of the Desire2Learn (D2L) learning management system is the intent of this analysis. One of the most critical success factors of any project plan is the balancing of risk, costs and time constraints to ensure the overarching project is completed on or before scheduleRead MoreWhat Is Data Analytics The Future Of Audit Engagements1629 Words   |  7 PagesData Analytics the future of Audit Engagements Data analytics, according to the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB), is defined as â€Å"the science and art of discovering and analyzing patterns, deviations and inconsistencies, and extracting other useful information in the data underlying or related to the subject matter of an audit through analysis, modelling and visualization for the purpose of planning and performing the audit† (Alawadhi et al., 2015). Under this definitionRead MoreAnalysis On The Digital Age Insurance1549 Words   |  7 PagesProfitability. The Biggest challenge the Insurance companies face begins when they begin extracting meaningful insights from this explosion of data. Determining how to take advantage of all this data to price better, expand markets and improve underwriting risk and handing claims. Fortunately, the science of extracting insight from data is constantly evolving. Regardless of how much data you have, one of the best ways to discern important relationships is through data visualization. Data visualization, whereRead MoreApplying the Five Forces to Information Technologies1618 Words   |  7 Pagesis pervasively used in the analysis of companies and entire industries, and is shown in Figure 1. This framework can also be used for analyzing the factors that may most put an organization at risk from an IT perspective relative to those factors which will support its attainment of strategic objectives and IT goals. This analysis will begin with an overview of five specific areas where IT represents a risk to a companys competitive advantage, followed by an analysis of five specific areas whereRead MoreInstalling A Sophisticated Cyber Defense System1255 Words   |  6 PagesSUMMARY This paper explains the need of a sophisticated Cyber Defense system in organizations and Government agencies and how this can be achieved by using Cyber Analytics. INTRODUCTION Today’s â€Å"Cyber Domain† is growing rapidly to keep pace in an ever more competitive world. Businesses are adopting new ways of doing Business due to the increasing dependency on networked communication devices, network access points and cloud-based services. Building a sophisticated Computer Network Defense (CND)Read MorePrescriptive Analytics : Descriptive Analytics1262 Words   |  6 Pages Prescriptive Analytics Prescriptive Analytics has been hailed as the final piece of the business analytics (BA) puzzle. It starts with descriptive analytics - describing what HAS happened and why; next is predictive analytics - forecasting what MIGHT happen; Prescriptive Analytics aims to offer insight into what ACTIONS to take next, suggesting the best course of action among available choices. If your organization has yet to formulate a plan to utilize Prescriptive Analytics in your businessRead MoreThe Positive and Negative Impacts of Technologies on Enterprises1712 Words   |  7 Pagesand often unforeseen change. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate and describe five specific areas where IT represents a significant risk to a companys competitive advantage. Second, this analysis concentrates on the five specific areas in an enterprise where IT can support and strengthen enterprises core competitive advantages. Third, one of the five major risks faced by a company is evaluated in terms of how it could be mitigated to reduce risk and deliver significant value to the enterpriseRead MoreA Research Study On Analytics964 Words   |  4 Pagesis used to meet requirements for reporting and not to answer questions or to be used in strategic planning. A 2012 study of analytics in 336 higher education institutions found that, despite the large amounts of data, the use of t he data collected is greatly used for meeting report requirements (Bichsel, 2012). Analytics is defined as the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their behaviors and characteristics. This information is collected for purposes of

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Self-Reflection Paper About Cbt and Act - 680 Words

Self-Reflection Paper about CBT and ACT The late 1960s through the 1990s represented a second generation of behavior therapy and it is called Cognitive Behavior Therapy. It is born from the view that the history of behavior therapy, in which cognitive factors assumed greater importance in both therapy and practice. The central idea is that psychological disorders involve dysfunctional thinking and modifying dysfunctional thinking is linked to improvement in symptoms. Since the 1990s, acceptance-based models of CBT such as acceptance and commitment therapy and dialectical behavior therapy came into prominence. These approaches are represented as a third generation of CBT. Because, they argued that they distinguish them from earlier†¦show more content†¦The therapist can focus on the dysfunctional cognitions, can encourage her to reexamine and correct cognitions about her relationships. So, her emotional distress can be modified. ACT criticizes CBT about changing the cognitions, but a maladaptive cognition cannot be accepted. A client with major depressive disorder who does not keep in touch the real life or does not go out the bed cannot be accepted. Furthermore, ACT literature criticizes CBT that the link between cognitive therapy and basic cognitive science is weak. However, there is a directly link between cognitive therapy and science. Extinction learning is highly related with exposure therapies for anxiety disorders. With the help of extinction learning in animals, in exposure therapies clients’ symptoms and the relapse rate are reduced. With the exposure therapies, CBT can send the reverse messages to brain and can makes behavioral changes. So it may help the client to find new pathways. Later, it focuses on automatic thoughts and dysfunctional beliefs. For a client with severe OCD who has no cognition, exposure by touching the sink can be helpful. He/she realize that it can be acceptable anxiety. On the other hand, ACT is also effective in anxiety. They claim that control is the problem not the solution. Instead of avoiding the anxiety, they focus on accepting anxiety and teach the client live withShow MoreRelated Theoretical Orientation Reflection Paper Natasha Cartwright1686 Words   |  7 PagesTheoretical Orientation Reflection Paper Natasha Cartwright Senior Seminar February 8, 2017 Dr. Hill Theoretical Orientation Reflection Paper Introduction In the field of social work it is essential to be aware of theoretical approaches to incorporate into the work and realize which one fits more effectively with your different perspectives of life. With a better understanding of who you are, it becomes more easier to figure out your best way of counseling; figuring out which theories you find leastRead MoreRacism1204 Words   |  5 Pagesrelated this reading to the work I do in my field practicum as it relates to the cognitive and moral development of human beings and human behaviors. As you already know, I work for Stella Maris, a drug and alcohol treatment facility. We talk a lot about cognitive development and the concerns we have with our clients as it relates to their disease of addiction. W e need to know what changes in intellectual abilities, mental activities, and behaviors through which knowledge of the world is attained.Read MoreObsessive Compulsive Disorder ( Ocd )905 Words   |  4 Pagesmy paper on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in children. OCD is a type of anxiety disorder where people feel the need to check things repeatedly. Kids with OCD become preoccupied with whether something could be harmful, dangerous, wrong, or dirty — or with thoughts that unpleasant stuff could happen. It can cause severe anxiety in those affected. Kids with OCD also might worry about things not being in order or just right. They may worry about losingRead MoreMindfulness : The Practice Of Mindfulness1556 Words   |  7 Pagesthe last 30 years (Bishop et al., 2004; Shapiro, Carlson, Astin, Freedman, 2006; Baer, 2003). Though the concept of mindfulness is difficult to operationalize, the most agreed upon definition is comprised of two primary components. The first is the self-regulation of attention, which allows an increased recognition of mental events in the present moment. The second component concerns an orientation towards one’s experience, characterized by curiosity, openness, and acceptance (Bishop et al., 2004)Read MoreA Comparison of the Emotion-Focused and Cognitive Behavioral Theories of Anger and Its Treatment.3238 Words   |  13 Pagesproblem that our society facing today. This paper discusses the efficacy of the Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and the Emotion-focused therapy (EFT) for treating patient with anger problems and compared therapists’ view on emotion which how they see emotion as the prime mover in human experience in different ways respectively. Besides, the development, overview and the similarities of CBT EFT has been critically compared and discussed in this essay. CBT and EFT conceptualize emotional problemsRead MoreMy Current Therapy Practicum At Hartgro ve Hospital3718 Words   |  15 Pagesprofessional discrepancies between the theory of CBT and how I conceptualize clients and my role as a therapist. The hospital emphasizes the teaching of coping skills, which in line with CBT has the client learning new ways of handling their emotions. While I agree that teaching coping skills, cognitive restructuring, etc. are important for many clients, I have consistently felt like something was missing. I have been exposed to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) briefly in the past during my classesRead MoreCognitive-Behavioral Therapy and the Model of Human Occupation.3597 Words   |  15 Pagesdysfunction which may be expressed in the presence of stress. Factors such as family structure, work environment, and culture can contribute to positive or negative experiences from which an individual learns. There is an innate drive within humans for self-efficacy; the ultimate goal is to master ones environment. A persons values, beliefs, and goals determine the behaviors one engages in to accomplish the ultimate goal of environmental mastery. These values, beliefs, and goals are developed throughRead MorePersonal Experiences and Their Impact on Counseling: A Reflection2092 Words   |  8 PagesReflection paper: Personal experiences and their impact upon counseling Part 1 As is true of most people, it is difficult for me to apply a Freudian lens to my experiences growing up simply because I do not remember that far back in my life. According to Freud, every family experiences what he calls the family romance of the Oedipus complex or the Electra complex. The young infant desires his or her mother and resents and wants to supplant the father in the mothers affections. The boy resolvesRead MoreIndividual Counseling Theories and Approaches Essay2697 Words   |  11 Pages Individual Counseling Theories are varied. In this paper we will examine three of the most prominent counseling theories, their concepts, techniques, strengths and limitations. We will begin with the Adlerian Theory first followed by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. At the end we will finish with Solution Focused Brief Theory. All three theories have their strengths and limitations but can be and usually are combined or used together to some extent to better serve the client. One theory mightRead MoreTransdiagnostic Cbt5615 Words   |  23 PagesInterventions – WHM-M-030 Introduction The purpose of the paper is to discuss the current theory and empirical literature for using a transdiagnostic approach in cognitive behaviour therapy and it’s relevance in current practice. I will discuss the theory and evidence for using a transdiagnostic approach and highlight the main processes. A discussion on the strengths and limitations of the approach will conclude the first part of the paper. The second part will be a review of personal clinical work

Androgyny Shakespeares Female Characters Essay Example For Students

Androgyny Shakespeares Female Characters Essay Throughout Mans history, women have always been at a disadvantage socially, economically, and politically. Shakespeare realized this and sought to bring the controversy that comes with Androgynous issuesto life. Through strong female characters and the implications of disguises, Shakespeare exposes gender issues. Many critics believe Shakespeare poorly represents women in his plays through intentional exploiting of women with his boy-girl-boy disguises. When in fact, I see Shakespeare as exploiting how women were/are treated through that very use of disguises and the strength he gives his female characters, especially that of Portia Merchant of Venice and Viola Twelfth nightis representative of his personal admiration of intelligent, strong women. It is also important to mention that the idea of a transsexual theme did not exist during Shakespeares time, as in the same sense that one would have now. Men playing the part of womenplaying the part of men was simply accepted by the audie nce. Shakespeare was able to use this acceptance as an opportunity to give female characters strong and important roles. Portia is so strong of a character, she would have been considered a devil woman in the eyes of her peershumor for the boy-girl-boy disguise for the audience of the time. Yet, Shakespeares portrayal of Portia and Viola, is heroic in todays terms. By the mid-eighteen hundreds, Shakespeares female characters were starting to be analyzed. Shakespeare was over two hundred years ahead of his time on gender issues. Although Shakespeare also used feminine men to illustrate the characteristics given to men were also confined to certain social critique, he focused more on the roles women played, or were not socially nor by way of law allowed to play, during his time. Through the will, strength, virtues, and intelligent mind of Portia to the will, sweetness and deep need for survival of Viola, Shakespeare embraces Androgyny and exposes his own feminine side for future generations to analyze and feminists to explore. Robert Kimbrough, in his 1982 essay: Androgyny Seen Through Shakespeares Disguise, provides several definitions of Androgyny. The definition most fitting to the contemporary time is, Androgyny is the capacity of a single person of either sex to embody the full range of human character traits, despite cultural attempts to render some exclusively feminine and some exclusively masculine 1. Some believe androgyny is a secular dream and unattainable, but through structural change of institutional and social organizationsit can be attained. How does Shakespeare then expose his audience to androgyny? What was his purpose for doing so? A partial answer could be that Shakespeare believed in total equality for men and women and through characters in his plays he could take on the forbidden taboos of gender crossing within his social society. Sex does not equal gender. Through Anthropology we know that every culture has their own Modal Cultural Personality definition, one for the male and one for the female. Modal Personality is static in nature and ascribes women and men certain roles. Women do womens work and men do mens work,  for example. This was necessary for primitive society to survive but stigmas of these role requirements linger still today. Women are still socially required to look pretty, wear make-up, smell nice, be virtuous, motherly, sisterly, feminine, show little to no masculine traits, and the all important nurturer. Shakespeare used Portia and Violas characters to liberate women from one certain set of characteristic traits by broadening their human characteristic traits through their male disguises. In a sense then, Portia and Viola are liberated from the confines of the appropriate 1. Portia and viola are both aware of the social posturing of men. Each is very careful to hide her true self. In The Merchant of Venice, Portia devises a scheme to protect her wealth, status and power she has become accustomed to love. She uses trickery to get what she wants in the end which is two gains; protection of her status, wealth and power and she ends up the heroine. Portia is careful not to reveal her intelligence to the men in the play until she has completed her tasks. An English woman during this time period would most likely not have acted the way Portia acted. Shakespeare transforms Portias character, from at first appearance, a spoiled rich womanto an intelligent, self reliant female. Social and historical context of the play EssayI prithee, and Ill pay thee bounteously, Conceal me what I am, and be my aid For such disguise as haply shall become The form of my intent. This allows Viola to discover herself on a deeper level. Kimbrough presents Violas self-discovery as more proof of androgyny. Speaking of a specific scene in Twelfth Night, he explains that true of heart as we, means human kind causing  the word we to become truly androgynous 1. Viola is able to shed any trace of gender, she is neither masculine nor feminine. The entire play does revolve around the theme that identity is confusing. Shakespeare uses Festes character to present the idea that identity can be confusing. Shakespeare was telling us that the very essence of identity is in our mind. Bonos dies, Sir Toby. For, as the old hermit of Prague, that never saw pen and ink, very wittily said To a niece of King Gorboduc, That that is, is; so I, Being master Parson, am Master Parson; for what is that but that, and is but is? With Festes lines, Shakespeare not only provides his audience with comedy but he metaphorically ponders the idea of identity and gender. Androgyny was defiantly a passion of Shakespeare, as we have seen. Through his use of disguises, Shakespeare was able to present his audiencesthen and nowwith important gender issues that were obviously way ahead of their time. He was a master of double meanings and creating atmospheres that he could drive points home from within. He created strong female characters to show female stigmas of his time. Shakespeare should be considered one of the founders of feminist views. He believed in equality among the sexes. His liberation of women through disguises gives us so much insight to the atmosphere of the times regarding gender and womens roles in society. Women are still fighting these same society imposed characteristics and the only solution is to get as close to androgyny as a society without giving up our own identities. We must eliminate gender bias and focus as one whole unitits what Shakespeare wanted.